BearMkt's Glamour / Fashion Models Blonde or Brunette?
  America: It's time for a tough question.
  Bailout or not? Yankees or Red Sox? Republican or Democrat? Coffee  or Tea? Some questions can be argued forever around the water cooler or over a drink at a bar or coffee house. Now its time to answer one of the toughest ones: who's sexier, blondes or brunettes? 

Every since Marilyn Monroe, the mighty forces of Team Blonde have held sway in adult magazines, strip clubs, websites and video productions. But the forces of Team Brunette have not surrendered. To answer this important question, we're staging a face off with sexy representatives of both sides.

All our ladies are 100% natural and have showed their charms on the Internet. Our talent roster includes fresh college coeds, lithe dancers, classic ballet and nude, and gorgeous young glamour models who've appeared in Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, Just 18, Ultra, Steppin' Out, Top Pair, Party Dolls, Xtreme magazine, and on and on....

Team Brunette is ready to challenge Team Blonde. Let the battle begin.  Our question is: "Who are sexier: Blondes or brunettes?" Review our candidates. Cast you vote below by clicking on your choice.

Who's Sexier -Blondes or Brunettes?
Bear Mkt's Official Referendum
Who's sexier: Blondes or Brunettes


Current Results
Team Blonde
Tiana Hunter Catherine Heather Marie
Tiana Hunter, 22 Catherine, 18 Heather Marie, 18
New York Milwaukee Los Angeles
Fashion & nude model Entertainer, student Glamour Model, Actress
34C-24-36, all natural 34A-26-35, all natural 35B-23-36, all natural
Play boy feature, 4x Dancer, Singer, Actress Perfection, feature
New Nude Magazine Cheerleader Glamour Photographer feature
Miss Jr. Teen Buffalo Photomodel Miami Miss So Cal Teen finalist
Team Brunette
Tamara Vasquez Darli LauraLee
Tamara Vasquez, 25 Darli, 19 LauraLee, 22
New York Estonia Philly
Nude dancer Professional Dancer Glamour model, Actress
33B-23-33, all natural 33B-26-36, all natural 34B-26-33, all natural
 Penthouse feature, 2x Joffrey Ballet Cheerleader DVD's
 Xtreme magazine, feature Photomodel Miami Richard Kern model

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