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  Brunettes, Are They Hot Or Not....
  A lot of websites feature only blondes. One popular site features only red-heads. Why do so many sites neglect those lovely ladies with brown hair? We wonder why. We know a number of great looking brunettes and feature them here.

We've never been afraid to ask tough questions. So, we'll ask one now -- the question other websites don't even dare to ask: "Brunettes: Are They Hot or Not?" 

Our featured model is Staysi Lynne, a sweet Southern Belle, and  and one of our favorite glamour models.. Staysi's been featured in Hustler, Hustler Netherlands, Teen Kingdom and Matt's Models.


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Are Brunettes Hot Or Not?

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Staysi Lynne    
Staysi Lynne: Starlet & Smokin' Hot Brunette    
Staysi's a Hustler model    
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