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  What could be more rewarding for a glamour photographer than photographing the most beautiful women in the world? For me, its the sense of satisfaction I get when I open up a top magazine and see one of my models featured.

It's not looks. It's not personality. And, for sure, its not a million hits on the "One Whatsis Face" modeling site that means success. Its publication that's the real measure of success in the modeling world. And here's a sample of models who made it.

These models have made it to the top of the modelling world by being published in the top magazines of the world, publications like Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, Maxim, Ultra, Perfection, Perfect 10, and specialty titles like Xtreme, Barely Legal, Petite, Top Pair, Glamour Photographer, and more. (All of which are trademarked names and none of whom I'm affiliated with - my lawyer made me say that.)

I had to play editor and select a few of my many published models. Here's your chance to play editor: take a look and pick your favorite for your magazine cover.

3/09 Update: Replacement players added,  Jessica (for Lisa) and Sativa Verte (for Samantha S), each awarded 75 starter votes. New picture for Heather.

Who Is Your Favorite Magazine Model? Vote below
Laurie Wallace looking very perky Kyli Ryan, all-natural
BearMkt's Magazine Models
Who is your favorite Glamour Model?

Kyli Ryan
Jessica Renee
Sativa Verte
Jennifer Doan
Seregon O'D
Staysi Lynne
Anna Kay
Linda Tran
Kristy Anne
Lauri Wallace
Heather Marie
Trisha Uptown
Laurie Wallace Kyli Ryan Jessica Renee New Sativa Verte New
Playboy Penthouse Playboy Just 18
Heather Marie, magazine model Jennifer Doan, all-natural Seregon, hot redhead Staysi Lynne, all-natural
Heather Marie New Jennifer Doan Seregon O'D Staysi Lynne
Glamour Photographer Playboy Playboy, Maxim Hustler
Trisha Uptown, all natural Anna Kay, all-natural Linda Tran, All-Asian, all-natural Kristy Anne, top model
Trisha Uptown Anna Kay Linda Tran Kristy Anne
 Hustler Petite  Perfection Playboy, Maxim

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