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Fall is sweater weather 
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 熊市 xióng shì
"Make your own kind of music...
"Sing your own special song...
"Even if nobody else sings along." -- Mama Cass
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News: (1)   Fall's here. There's a nip .. of cold weather... in the air.  It's finally time to break out a sweater. The brisk air is invigorating and brings out the best in our models, as our perky miss, Anna, demonstrates.  Our young lady's beautiful face, sweet breasts and all-natural figure have won her a lot of fans. She has been featured on glamour web sites, and in videos and books. 

 (2)  Films ---  We love 'em and we love seein' 'em in New York Film Cinema Village, Quad Cinema, BAM, Angelika and the Anthology.  Here are our favorite movie theaters in New York City

(3) For  your enjoyment, a selection of our hottest red heads:


Ashley Ginger Lea Ginger Sarah  
Siarra Ashley Ginger Lea   Ginger Hyett  Sarah  
Student / dancer Student / dancer Adult Star Web Hottie Web Model  

 (4) Men -- Do you feel inadequate? Do you fear rejection?  Perhaps you want to talk to a model or even ask her for a date, but you fear coming up short, so to speak. And then there's the recession, courtship can be so expensive. Not to worry. At BearMkt, we're here to help with your anxieties. Please visit our Naked Guru service, where you can ask our naked ladies any question you want in the privacy of your home or office.

(5) We're like Congress, where the voting never ends. Cast your vote in our polls:

1. Poll 1: Who is sexier, blondes or brunettes? The eternal question.

2. Poll 2: Are brunettes hot or not? See all-natural sex kitten Sativa Verte nude! Poll is too popular to close!

3. Poll 3: Who is your favorite magazine model? New contestants!

(6) We've photograph the world's most beautiful and successful women. We find the hottest talents long before other sites do. We have magazine models, adult stars, internet models, exotic dancers from the top clubs, fashion models, college coeds, amateurs. Not to mention a top concert violinist, two lawyers, a big-8 CPA, an insurance agent, a track star, a gymnast, and a bevy of business students

Some of our published models and their achievements:  AnnieKae, Tight and Barely Legal.... Sativa Verte Teen Kingdom, Just 18 magazine...Tiana Hunter Playboy, "S" fashion magazine... Isabella Renaux, Playboy's Naturals...Autumn Michelle7...Alexis and Brittany, "Nude" magazine....Ginger Lea, Sativa Verte, Anna Marie , Trisha Uptown and Summer Tyme each star in  DVD's.....Kat international beauty queen, model and dancer..... Staysi Lynne, Hustler, Hustler Netherlands...Tamara Vasquez, Penthouse, Penthouse Letters,  Xtreme magazine, Exotic Dancer.... Heather Marie, Glamour Photographer magazine,  paysites...Anna Marie many paysites, art books and videos.....Our Playboy and Penthouse alumni association includes: Lisa P, Tiana Hunter, Isabella Renaux, Kylie Ryan, Nancy Valverde, Seregon O'Dassey, Dorothy C, Candace Nirvana, Jennifer Doan, Victoria Zdrok, Laurie Wallace, Linn Thomas, Noelle L. and more..... Check our thumbnail page for our models' list.   "We paint the sky with stars."

(6) Visit our fashion site, Models 365.

When you're done here - we recommend Daily Bikinis - A Great Site...

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