Bear Mkt's Wilds' Kingdom
Tricia and friend Kylie at Bear Mkt's Summer Place
"And when you hold me, how warm you are." It was a dinner after a photo workshop at a private estate nestled in a quiet forest glen. Tricia found a new friend, Kylie. Bear Mkt knows his Greek literature, so he booked Tricia & Kylie for an interpretive, late nite photo session. A hot weekend at the Summer Place turned into...Wilds' Kingdom, the second chapter....
"Your eyes are soft as honey. Love pours its light on your perfect features."
.....Sappho, Greek Lyric Poet.....
Tricia and Kylie, friends
"You're lovely... with your smile so warm...and your cheeks so soft...."
The Way You Look Tonight
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History Note: Banned in Boston? How about New York! This series was shot early in the BearMkt website history. It was shot very spontaneously on short notice. Originally intended as a commentary on Greek Lyric poetry, it was posted on BearMkt after a long delay. Ultimately, the set was deemed far too controversial to keep up -- BearMkt's site was banned by the freedom-loving administrators of the powerful industry cartel, One Model Place -- and it actually ended up in a court proceeding. It was subsequently withdrawn and for years, languished in our archives. We have republished it as part of our 2004 anniversary festivities.We value your input, tell me what you think of this series here.

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